Academic sphere

Have you ever thought of what has affected you to become the person you are today? Who you are. Influences. This is difficult to answer, and maybe I write about this in my book. I touch upon the subject, maybe I don´t answer, but I am very close. Because there are no simple answers. And, of course, what would life be without questions to answer. Rather dull I guess.

The years I spent in Gothenburg have shaped me a lot. Who I am today. And I am very grateful for that. Because that has made me reflect a lot over things. The academic world has formed me a lot. I have learnt myself that you have to ask questions. No just ask, but think of how you formulate the question might be most important. How to chose words. How to put them in right order. Because the answer is dependent on the content of your question.

And defend. Maybe a good defense is the most important. That you can answer your own and others questions. I don´t know, but what I wrote the other night has made me think of science. Metabolism. PAF.

Back to where I started. Who I am today. I am very grateful to life if I can continue to write. But I miss love. Life without love is not worth much. So my sweeties are very spoiled. Tonight I had tacos to cheer me up. This morning I was out of coffee so it was not a good start. Little, important things in life. Everyday life. I have been so hurt by some friends so I prefer to stay alone. If you once have been hurt you become careful. Don´t you agree?




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