This has never happened, that I write again the same evening. There are very few readers, and it feels a bit strange, to be honest, to write when I don´t know who reads this. However, this is my diary and I write what I feel and share my inner thoughts about life.

I thought about love tonight. I have always been very diplomatic in my life, but after life experience, I have learnt that hurts myself a lot. Being in a relationship for many years with no true love will not do any good for me. That is why I have stayed single for many years. Not a single date. Strange? Yes. I think so. But this is my life. And I will never let a man say what I should do. Never. Ever. That is for sure. “Bränt barn skyr elden” is a common Swedish expression illustrating what I mean.

I have to be very clear, because people don´t understand. Or rather, men don´t understand.
Wishing you a pleasant, and not so tough weekend!


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