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C’est logique 🇫🇷

Currently, a lot happens in France. Recently, a teacher was beheaded in a terror attack in Paris. France mourns. Macron has introduced stricter directives with regard to COVID-19. Stay at home in the evenings, and not more than 6 persons for dinner, celebrations etc. I would very much like to go to Paris for a weekend, but that has of course to wait. Meanwhile I think of writing. I was going to buy poetry by Louise Glück, but she was already sold out. She has written some with inspiration from flowers that I am looking forward to read. When I studied French it was always emphasized that everything in writing must be logical – c’est logique. And that has followed me throughout life. Therefore, I am very eager to read Louises’ poetry and see how she tells her stories.

It has been a beautiful day. Little chilly though. Spinning was good. A new week ahead.

Stay safe 🐾

Work out

To be able to read I need to do my exercise. During Corona I try to do at least four hours per week. Various training. This evening strength, which I really need to focus on. I hope weather will be good tomorrow (no rain) so I can go for a walk. Yoga on Thursday. Spinning on Sunday. Missing sweetie (Lady) and cutie (Molly). I have been running for a few years, and the photo above is after running. Always dog walk after running. They are very happy and eager. Nice with memories, and this is one of the few autumn photos I have.

I must admit that it feels a bit strange. The Corona virus is still active and dangerous. It would be so convenient to return to life before COVID-19, but that is not possible. Hand washing and distancing are still the best available protections against COVID-19.

Stay safe 🐾

Nobel poetry

Since I am very found of literature, I was interested in today´s announcement of the Nobel Prize in Literature 2020. The American poet Louise Glück was awarded.

“For her unmistakable poetic voice that with austere beauty makes individual existence universal”

I am glad poetry was awarded. Poetry is so private and personal. Self-disclosed. To put words on emotions. Make descriptions. To explain the complicated with a few simple words. I am more into photography today. That is my poetry right now.

The Nobel prize in literature is also political. It says a lot about the current political winds in the world. In some parts of the world people are suppressed by the regime. You are not allowed to write freely. However, I am lucky since we have freedom of speech, and not the least press freedom in Sweden. In brief, internet freedom.

Writing is beautiful and I must say that I love languages. I can listen to a language, not understand anything, and still I find it fascinating. Words, intonations and the whole melody of the language. That is why I liked when Bob Dylan was awarded 2016. Music and poetry belong together.

And don´t forget – stay safe! 🐾



New normal?

Pandemic. Pandemic. Pandemic. We will live with this for some more time. When the Corona virus arrived, President Macron was the only politician saying that we have an invisible enemy infront of us. Every day is a battle. I focus on the little nice things right now. Like a walk. I noticed that it is not so cold, no gloves needed. Things like that makes me happy.

I thought I could find a nice old photo to illustrate autumn. But I got surprised. I do not have many pictures with leaves. But I do have a lot of photos of sweetie and cutie. Good enough. It was a long time ago since I used my camera. Should go for a walk when weather allows. To catch that moment.

For a positive spirit, I share a song from Michael Jackson. King of pop. Stay safe 🐾

Tuesday 🍂

In the middle of the week. It is raining. Not that cold though. Leaves are falling. I must find some Halloween decoration. Pumpkins. Beautiful colours. Think I have to make those Oreo cookies soon. With so much chocolate. I was not going to write, but this evening, holding the umbrella, I thought of “Raindrops keep falling on my head”. A happy song in bad weather. Makes life easier, especially this Tom Jones & Burt Bacharach version.

Time is precious

The title this Sunday is important, I believe. Yesterday, Germany celebrated 30 years after reunification. I didn’t have time to write, but I shared a photo. A picture is worth a thousand words it is said. Time is something very philosophical and also, in a way, emotional. I remember when I went to Berlin and I learnt a few new peaces of global history. It felt like it was a historical echo remaining from WWII. Checkpoint Charlie, a symbol for the cold war. The Berlin wall. Brandenburger Tor and so on.

In three weeks we have wintertime. I enjoy my exercise and that is how I am going to spend my evenings. Spinning today. No sweetie or cutie walk. Soon moose hunt, so I better stay at home. Stay safe 🐾