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Molly and the Corona virus

I cannot believe that it is so sunny and warm. Usually it is rainy at midsummer. Due to the Corona virus I haven’t been to the countryside for several months. Last weekend I needed to see my father and the dogs Molly (cutie) and Lady (sweetie). They are safe. I went for walks with sweetie. She cannot run since she then needs to have anti-inflammatory medicin. This is Molly´s first summer in the countryside and she really enjoys staying in the garden. She is very happy and she runs a lot. And I mean a lot. I went running with her a few kilometers and that was fun. Molly runs with a lot of grace.

We have now lived with the Corona virus for several months. I did the antibody test which was negative. I hoped for a positive result. When a crisis like this occurs you feel that you want to do something. I really wish that the government doesn´t waste money, and that they use this opportunity to collect as much information as possible. A well designed eg cohort study can provide a lot of useful information. We need to learn from this Corona virus because the probability is high that a new virus in a different shape will occur in the future. This was in Sydsvenskan in March Covid-19-pandemin hade kunnat undvikas – SYDSVENSKAN by Carl Bildt.

The virus doesn’t care about borders. And it has no passport.

Carl Bildt was Sweden’s foreign minister from 2006 to 2014 and Prime Minister from 1991 to 1994, when he negotiated Sweden’s EU accession. A renowned international diplomat, he served as EU Special Envoy to the Former Yugoslavia, High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, UN Special Envoy to the Balkans, and Co-Chairman of the Dayton Peace Conference. He is Co-Chair of the European Council on Foreign Relations (from Project Syndicate).

Molly liked to stay in the sun and she wanted to have a dog selfie. I will see what I can share with you on Instagram. She now looks more like a Cocker. So happy that she likes to run, and maybe it is possible that she can see me in Stockholm.


Midsummer weekend 🍓

Tomorrow is strawberry day. Strawberry cake, strawberries with ice cream, strawberries with whipped cream etc. Summertime! I will see sweetie and cutie. And I will find out if Molly likes running. I know that she runs fast, but can she run a few kilometers? Wishing you a relaxing weekend. Take care!

Soon midsummer

This weekend is always a special weekend in Sweden since it is a celebration to summer. It is a unique year due to the Corona virus. Still a lot of precautions. I have decided though that I have to go to the countryside. A lot of people has died compared to other nordic countries, and later we will have clear answers to why. One reason is that we have not followed quarantine as strict as other countries. In one way I think that is good. We need healthy economics to stay healthy. On the other hand, we could be stricter following social distancing. But in Sweden we are not used to do what the government tells us. I believe we are different on that point compared to other Nordic countries.

When I grew up I always watched the Swedish military airforce doing their training. If I remember correctly, they always did their training like dogfights on Tuesdays. One of these planes crashed, but the pilot was saved in a parachute. Since it normally doesn’t happen much in the countryside, that was great news for years. Looking forward to see cutie and sweetie.


I had decided to write on Midsummer, but I could not wait. I am addicted to writing. Sunshine, flowers, easy dressing, in conclusion, life is facile summer time. I do not remember when I saw sweetie and cutie, but on Friday I will see them. This will be Molly´s first summer in the countryside. Lately, I have been walking in Stockholm. No mood for running. This weekend I will find out if Molly likes running. Sweetie prefers walks.

Not much photographing now. But it is interesting to watch people, because life is different due to social distancing. Sharing photos from the famous French photographer Doisneau. He knew how to catch glimpses in life. Doisneau worked in the French army during WWII as soldier and photographer. This is street- and café life in Paris decades ago. His most famous work.

Wishing you a happy Midsummer week. Soon darker evenings again.