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Corona walks, corona cycling and other

Is this like the plague was in the 18th century – at that time caused by the bacteria Yersinia pestis? 300 years ago but so present. At those days dead people were actually buried in mass graves in central Stockholm, believe it or not. In Humlegården. Dr Herman Grim, who passed away due to the plague, had the same role as Anders Tegnell has today. A tough role. Tegnell is already vaccinated though.

As you notice I am very interested in history and has always been as far as I can remember. Life gets more interesting when you put the past in the present context. Or vice versa. A lot of efforts have been made to find vaccines to protect us against COVID-19. Different vaccines have been produced with various mechanisms of action. Previously, I have compared this pandemic with the Polio pandemic. It took quite a long time before vaccines against Polio were invented. We are today introduced to completely new mechanisms of actions. The traditional vaccines are being replaced with more specific vaccines. A new generation of vaccines. I will write more about them later. I need some time to think. Again.

Anyway, you need to stay focused. Rest and relax. Go for walks. Reward yourself with a good dinner. I have thought so much about the Indian mutation so I had to have some Indian food this week. Good music give energy as well. This nice tune with Simon & Garfunkel will help you to stay in a happy mood!

Stay safe 🐾

Stay safe with handwashing

Friday and miniblog. Last time I wrote, I did not write so much. Anyway, I must admit that it takes time to compose those few words. In addition, I am also translating. I hope you like this new way of writing. This means that I will not write as often as usual.

Vaccination has really started and I feel very happy about that. I also feel good about that people still are careful and accept that the battle of the Corona virus is not over yet. There is hope that a forth wave can be prevented this time.

Like everybody else, I am a little tired of thinking of COVID-19, but we still have to stay focused to be able to get through this marathon. I hope we learn some from the pandemic, and that we will bring healthy habits to the future. Like hand washing. Sharing this important message from the United Nations.

Stay safe and stay tuned 🐾

Vitamin D and pandemic intellectual property

Vaccination has started and we can see some kind of horizon in this historical COVID-19 pandemic. I really think it is interesting that people, by the spread of the word, started to have vitamin D during this pandemic. I do not know from where it emerged since there is no direct evidence that vitamin D can hamper or prevent COVID-19 infection

I have browsed the literature, and there is already quite a lot written on a possible link between COVID-19 and vitamin D. Meta-analysises have been published. In a systematic meta-analysis you start with a lot of published scientific papers, you have specific inclusion criterias, select papers, and finally, some conclusions can be made from the scientific literature.

This above is from Pereira et al 2020 and you can find the full review here Vitamin D deficieVitamin D deficience – historical reviewncy aggravates COVID-19 (Meta analysis). Interestingly, Pereira and collegues observed a positive association between deficiency of vitamin D and the severity of COVID-19 disease.

The exact mechanism of action on how vitamin D prevent, or possible help in treating COVID-19 is not known. However, it is known that vitamin D has some immunomodulatory effects that could potentially protect against a COVID-19 infection and/or decrease the severity of illness. Future clinical trials will help us to understand the role of vitamin D in preventing and treating COVID-19 and possibly other infections. This publication shows the plethora of the suggested immunomodulatory effects of vitamin D  Exploring links between vitamin D deficiency and COVID-19.

In summary, to the best of my knowledge, supplement of vitamin D is beneficial for health in general if accurate dosages are used, especially during winter time due to lack of sun. The dosages of supplementary vitamin D vary between countries, and here you can find what the National Institute of Health in the USA recommends

Finally, I am ending this writing by sharing a historical review from 2008 on vitamin D Vitamin D deficience – historical review. For those who are interested, please read this review! Always good to refresh eg the origin of vitamin D like sunshine, toxicicity, role of. And so on.

Stay safe 🐾

Foreign policy

The Biden-Harris administration is up and going and that is good. They have already put a lot of focus on vaccination and on economical support to various companies. That makes the world more in balance. I must say that previous President Trump has achieved a lot, and that the election probably was affected by the Corona virus. However, I believe the climate will be considered and eg the Paris agreement will be signed. That is good for us living in Europe.

I stay in touch with my aunt in the USA and they are currently being offered vaccination. They feel a bit unsure which vaccine to chose though. I am not vaccinated since we still are waiting for delivery of vaccines to Sweden. A lorry filled with vaccine from the Netherlands will bring safety to us.

I am living the little life. Staying at home as much as possible. Washing my hands. It was very nice to see Lady & Molly this weekend. Running and walks. They made high five. It is very important to stay active.

Next time I will write some on D-vitamine and the immune system. Accumulating evidence is emerging that D-vitamine may play a role in strengthening the immune system. I need some time to reflect tough, so have patience!

Stay safe 🐾

Dog walks and ticks

A sunny weekend, and indeed a sporty weekend. I have muscle pain and should really do some stretching. This Corona year has been strange, but I have tried to continue with sports. Walking and cycling. I got a little tired of running and needed a break from it. This weekend Lady and Molly wanted to go for walks. And why not return to previous routines? I went running. And then walk in the forest with them. The ticks are present so they had to have the anti-tick medicine. I am happy and they are happy.

Stay safe 🐾