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Hi friends!

Nice day today. And it has been promised that it will continue til Sunday. A bit tired so I will not write too much today, just a few words to stay in touch :-). Talked to my parents today (as I do every day) and Lady and Tippa were fine, but they get exhausted by the warmth. Important to have some extra fluid with minerals and salts to have electrolytes balanced. Have also followed the visit by President Obama on iPad. So successful meeting! Wonderful!

These photos are from early yesterday morning before President Obama arrived to Stockholm in Old town.

Many, many hugs from Anna


Bios. Life. A very beautiful word. I you ask a swede what “bio” is, I guess the answer is cinema. In Norwegian “bio” is kino.

Autumn is approaching and I suppose that is why news papers advertise a lot of films. I don’t remember the last time I watched a movie, probably on TV.  But since autumn is getting closer there will be a lot of opportunities. It is nice to disappear into another world for a moment when you watch a film. Action, thrillers, love…

This autumn’s film menu offer a grand variety.

Bio-availibility is something completely different. It was the first word I learnt at pharmacy school. It means how much of the active substance reaches the blood circulation after it is administered. When you take a drug orally, all active substance doesn’t reach the blood. Some may not be taken up by the gut wall, some is metabolized by enzymes. And of course, the liver may metabolize a lot by its different enzymes.

I miss this a lot in today’s discussions about drug efficacy, safety and potency.

Take care,



Nos talgic

Beautiful day in Stockholm today. Blue sky. 28th of August 2013.

This is a photo from a weekend in Paris I did with a friend of mine a few years ago. So nice to have good memories in life. I will use my diary to get energy. This journey brings back a lot of memories with lots fun!


Take care,


Lovely morning

Yesterday I went for a bodycombat class. Don’t remember last time I did. A bit embarassing. I usually rate my training from 1 to 10 where 10 is the best grade. Given that I am untrained, I was happy with my results. 6/10. And I don’t have much pain today, not yet ;-). I bought a “tapis” so I can do some exercise at home. Have to do something about my belly.

This morning I woke up early. Nice to wake up and listen to the birds. And the sunrise was astonishing. So beautiful. I share it with you. Life is amazing.

Have a nice day!

Many hugs from Anna