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Brexit New Year ✨

Pre-new year writing. How to exit New Year and begin a smooth 2021? It is an easy transfer between 2020 and 2021 since vaccination has started. This year has been unique and very tough, and it is so good that vaccination has started. That makes me feel good with regard to a positive 2021. This is more of a logistic issue now. I mean, if the vaccin is available in sufficient amount, it is a question of distribution.

Life has been challenged 2020. The little, daily life has become so important. Travelling has not been possible to the usual extent. I have stayed at home and I have been happy with that. I have my hobbies and that makes me contente. What has been tough, is not being able to see friends as usual. Just to hang around, do nothing or have a cup of tea etc. Socialize. No hugs. This has been very serious, and still is.

Most probably I will see Sweetie and Cutie on New Year. I miss walking in the forest with them, and that is a good beginning of 2021. Lady (Sweetie) was so calm and careful during Christmas, like she understands that this is serious. I am sharing Lady Gaga – some inspiring New Year music.

Stay safe 🐾

Cooking & Vaccination

These days are really time for spending time having good food. A lot of traditional Christmas food. I got a little tired of ham, herring etc and started to long for home made Yorkshire pudding with sirup and whipped cream. It is like having dessert for dinner.

You, or at least me, need something to do meanwhile waiting for the vaccin to kick in. Vaccination has started, and now it is only time to wait for immunity to increase. Slowly, we will see the effects of the vaccin, and still we have to be reminded of the presence of the Corona virus and other viruses as well. Therefore, I did some cooking this evening. And I did something I haven’t done for a while. It looks like a souffle, but is called a Yorkshire pudding. Very tasty and it reminds me of summer.

Stay safe 🐾

Happy holidays ✨

Corona Christmas. I have been to the countryside, and I have travelled very carefully. With medical face mask, distancing and hand washing. I have spent some time with sweetie and cutie.  Lady was very apprehensive. She was very careful about every step, and she garded her place. Like she knows that we have to be careful with the Corona virus. We went for a walk today, and she can only go for little walks since she needs to pay attention to her paws.

Molly did not care so much. She was happy, and she has been with Lady for a year now. Best friends. The three of us went for a walk in the forest. We saw a deer far away. When we go for walks I let them loose in the forest where there are no cars and nothing else that can bother. Sometimes they disappear, and they return after a while. With smiling faces. Lady has thought Molly a lot, and I have a feeling that they both are content.

I did a little catching up in the local news and I found a “Laban cartoon”. This never happens. Lady and Molly detest to stay at home. They always insist of going for walks! But they love staying on the couch.

Stay safe and stay tuned 🐾

Salvation Army Carols

Christmas is here. A rare Corona virus christmas. December has passed rapidly, and 2021 is arriving wether we like it or not. I am preparing a Christmas gift for you, dear readers. For those of you who have Swedish as maternal language there will be translations. Since I have friends who do not read Swedish, I write in English. Languages are difficult, and even though google translate is available, you may loose some content by not translating carefully.

Tomorrow I will finally see sweetie and cutie. I thought I should play some Lady Gaga, but that is more appropriate for new year. I have watched some Mr Bean lately and he is rather good at playing Christmas Carols. Enjoy!

Stay safe and stay tuned 🐾