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This semester has been different. I have chosen to go back to school for some time. Educate myself. We are living in a world with so much information, and on top of this, knowledge develops. This means that your knowledge a few years ago may be different compared to right now. I would say that the internet plays a big role today. No books. The internet has replaced books. Therefore, I will not write much for a while since I am at school. The last time I shared this photo we had a lot of snow. Life is definitely easier today with warmth and flowers. See you in a few weeks!

Finnish sisu 🇫🇮

Spring is slowly arriving this year. I hope May will be lovely with lots of green trees and flowers. That is very nice since there is so much evil in the world right now. I was happy to read about Finland’s collaboration with Sweden on military defense. Finland has lived with war, and perhaps they have indirectly provided for the defense of Sweden during the past century. I think it is important to act and not be naive. Geopolitically, Ukraine is close to Sweden. Moreover, President Macron continues to be President of France. The world needs stability, and Europe is not prepared for a political change in France. Stability is so crucial due to the war.

I continue, like everybody else, with daily life. It has been good to start running again, and I am looking forward to summer. Warm, maybe, tropical evenings. This weekend I will walk Molly, and also, I have prepared my running shoes. Molly has got her anti-tick medicine, and I have had my first vaccination against TBE. The ticks are terrible!

Stay safe 🐾

April weather ❄️

First, the pandemic came, then the war. I must admit that I think of the war in Ukraine every day. I think of the people living in war. Escaping war. Trying to find a life to live somewhere. Meanwhile, ordinary life continues. It has been snowing today. It is chilly. I do not want to spend time outdoors. However, regardless weather, I will go jogging next weekend. It is the sense of freedom that I enjoy. And I saw Malin Ewerlöf on TV, and she has actually made me remember the nice spirit of jogging. She is a good coach! In addition, I had a dose of the TBE vaccine so I will be a little safer when walking Molly in the forest.

The Home Guard

I am at home in the countryside. It is still chilly but the temperature is more plus Celsius than minus Celsius daytime. I haven’t been running for a while, but today I did my usual track. Seven kilometers and then walk with Molly. She was very happy and eager about that. I let her run in the forest and she enjoyed that a lot. Molly needs a prescription for tick medicine. And perhaps I should get myself vaccinated against TBE (tick-borne encephalitis). Like Covid-19, you need to have repeated vaccinations against TBE.

I continue to watch the news. Perhaps I shouldn´t and just close my eyes and don´t care. But I do feel some kind of frustration. Nothing was done to prevent this war. Perhaps there is a reason for this, but we will never know.

Today I followed the recommendations about having food at home for a week. This could be a meny:

  • Canned meat and fish
  • Canned vegetables
  • Rice or pasta
  • Potato powder
  • Canned soup
  • Canned fruit
  • Ham and marmalade
  • Soft cheese in a tube

The shelves were almost empty in the supermarket. People are shopping for canned food. Like when the pandemic started and the shelves were rapidly empty. Is it right or wrong to think like this? Anyway, this is food with long sustainability and you can eat it within three years.

Music is needed and I share “Disappear” with INXS.



March and endurance

Hi there. I have been busy with my studies. Campus studies have been great fun and challenging. It is different to study now compared to fifteen years ago. You use the internet more. First, I was not really sure if I could trust the information, but it is rather safe. Knowledge is constantly developing. You have to cope with so much literature and find what is important in a short time.


Meanwhile, I follow the news from Ukraine. It feels like we need to have a lot of endurance. This will take time. We are also waiting for brighter days, and today was the first day in summertime. It has been nice to spend time in Uppsala and I searched my photos and found this from “the English Park”, close to Carolina Rediviva. A glimpse from upcoming greenery.