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Intense week

This week has been very interesting and intense. I have been stressed because it has been terrible to know that a war was going to break out. It feels like Ukraine is geopolitically close to Sweden. I have exchanged a few words with people who have escaped from war zones. They say that this is nothing. Moreover, COVID-19 is nothing. You just have to learn to live with war and accept it. But still, it is horrible and stressful to know that a war will start and that you can do nothing to prevent it.

The very first thing the EU mentioned was that economical sanctions against Russia were going to take place. My reflection is that historically, economical trade is something that keeps the world in peace. But this is exactly the opposite. The EU understands that this is war. I have also thought if this had been possible if Trump had been president of the USA. Trump is a businessman and he understands Putin. President Putin must have been provoked in some way, leading to this act of war. Nevermind. I do not have deep historical knowledge about Russia-Ukraine. My thoughts are with the people suffering from the war.

I am a student now and I feel so happy about that. These last two years I have been very careful about covid. This week, I have almost dropped my precautions. I dare to do that since I am vaccinated and also, I do not have much of a choice. There is no time for walking in Uppsala-Stockholm so I go municipal. The busses, trains, and subways are crowded. Students show no fear and that is a good attitude today. However, I do remind myself to be careful with handwashing.

Personally, my daily routines have changed. I attend lectures, a few hours of rest, and later, a few hours of studying in the evening. I remember that I loved this life. The fellow students that I have met have been so helpful. Student life is digital and it was a bit difficult in the beginning to navigate and find digital handouts. I do still keep my notes by writing ordinary notes. I am old-fashioned. I have a lot to study. This is good because it keeps my mind busy from thinking of Ukraine.

Stay safe 🐾


I will educate myself to deepen my knowledge of medicines and diseases for a more clinical focus. A new chapter in my life. I am stressed. It was a long time ago since I studied in Uppsala. At that time, I was lucky that it went easily and well. But this time. Will I be able to learn anything? I have just introduced myself to digital student life. I have the literature, and I have bought notepads just like I remembered I did then. A folder too. I feel lucky and I’m ready for studies on Monday.

We are in a somewhat strange situation right now. Ukraine is more or less surrounded by Russians. NATO is on its toes. President Biden says Putin can invade Ukraine at any time. This is what is affecting the world economy right now. Not the pandemic. The world is worried about war. I do not like that Russia will invade Ukraine and then we will see how it develops. But that is what apparently happens.

Yes, I have always been interested in history and I can not help following the news. The security policy situation in the world is very tense. Diplomacy works in silence.

I have been told that it is popular with education now during the pandemic. I always went by bicycle in Uppsala. Now I will go by bus for the first time. Or preferably walks if there is time. I am stressed!

Putin 🇫🇷!

Merdre! I have always loved languages. When I was in France I learned about “jeux de mots”. How to play with words. Recently, I saw the news that Putin and Macron were going to meet.  I actually started to laugh. But I stopped myself and I got reminded of the seriousness of the current situation. Ever since this pandemic started I have insisted that this is a political virus. When the Omicron virus variant appeared, I thought of President Macron, and a little later, Macron and Putin met.

I have been very careful throughout this pandemic since I know the negative consequences of falling ill in covid-19. A lot of people suffer, and a lot of people have passed away. This is of major importance. I had my third dose this week and I hope people go for the vaccine.

A few weeks ago I lost my dearest Lady. I have thought a lot about her, and she has been with me all the way when I started to write. She has been very devoted and my true supporter. It will take time for me to start to write again. Meanwhile, I stay here. Found this picture of her and also a song that I play in her memory.

In the middle of covid-19 pandemic?

Scandinavian countries, including Sweden, are opening the community, and soon we will live with few pandemic restrictions. I think this is a good decision. We have learnt how to protect ourselves from the virus, even though Omicron is very contagious. If you are sick, you should stay at home. Wash your hands. Keep distance. And so on.

However, I think that we should continue to regard this pandemic as if we are in the middle of it. It is not over, but we have learnt how to live and deal with it. Personally, I am tired of living my life with restrictions, but I will continue living as if Omicron is present.

Due to restrictions, it has been difficult to go for exercise. This afternoon I was lucky to go for some training. On Thursday I will have my third dose – are you vaccinated?

Stay safe 🐾