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Balance and stretch

I have been rather bad at doing stretching after exercise. Especially now during Corona. This evening I went for an hour with just focus on core and stretch. Sometimes that is good. To know that you don’t have to achieve anything particular. Only be there. No demands like having the pulse for more than 160 beats per minutes. Yoga, pilates, core. It is rewarding and relaxing. By the way, the Guardian now says that Alexei Navalny can breathe independently.

Ending this evening by sharing a beautiful song. In my diary.

Life day by day

My life is very much day by day. No plans. I did a few hours of training this weekend and that keeps me at a good energy level. Of course I feel sad that I cannot travel, but there will be a time for that. The Corona battle is here and now. And I fight every day. I wash my hands. I keep distance. And I watch movies in the evenings in quarantine. Surprisingly, I have some brownies left. I am preparing for autumn. Still do not want to change clothes for autumn, but soon I have to. Sharing Bridget Jones’s view of life. Might cheer you up a bit!

Adverse events and clinical trials

I feel concerned about vaccine agreements made by the Swedish government. Politicians are under pressure and need to show that they are able to make executive decisions. Otherwise they will lose voters. I do not understand why they are making agreements now. Politicians do not have any medical background so they have to rely on other professions. People with various industrial connections.  The development of a vaccin is complex, and new approaches of developing vaccins are being found. Vectors, RNA and classic adjuvants are examples of important keywords.

Recently a clinical trial was stopped. A clinical phase III study testing a Covid-19 vaccine being developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford. It is very good that they made a paus, because they understand the possible development of serious side effects. I believe that people in general understand that medicins can give side effects, and therefore, it is worth waiting a little longer to stay on the safe side. The industry must demonstrate that they are not premature.

Why not learn from this pandemic and introduce new habits? We know for sure that hand washing and distancing are important tools in reducing the spreading of a lot of diseases. Not only the Corona virus. This virus probably jumped from an animal reservoir to a human during the first week of November 2019. This will happen again, and we need to learn more. My opinion is that we should “sit still in the boat” and wait for the scientific development. Not only the political development. These developed vaccines will be scientifically different. We are on the frontiers of vaccin development and we need to understand what we don’t understand.

This regards with no doubt also politics. When I was at the university in Uppsala I was actually elected for “Landstinget”. I was in the top, but when I realised that I was going to be elected I had to think. My conclusion was at that time that I did not know much about life. I had no life experience and I thought I needed to learn more about life before getting involved in politics. Today, I try to contribute with my life experience which is scientifically based. I am a bridge between medicin and politics.

In my diary.

Kallocain and Navalny

Right now The Guardian is one of the best presenters of the current pandemic news. They write some about Navalny, and that he will be interrogated by Russian police. Chancellor Angela Merkel made a strong statement, but I think they will use diplomacy towards Russia. Navalny was poisoned on Russian territory which makes it complicated.

I thought of the famous book written by Boye, namely “Kallocain”. Where governments use drugs to make people relieve their innermost thoughts. To have total control over society in general. Books like “1984” by Orwell popped up as well. And so on. These are books I read when I was a teenager.

It is weekend. I relax and did some work out today. Everything takes more time, but by being careful it is possible. Made the brownies. Lots of chocolate and they are sweet. But it is Saturday!

TGIF and perceptions 🥥

It is Friday and I have a weekend off. I would like to go for an American TGIF dinner but that has to wait a few months. Til it is safer with the Corona virus. Instead I will make my own Brownies. They are easy to make. Will also go for my usual work out. So I can have sweets. Always think of balance.

Lately I have thought some of England and this particular movie with Julia Roberts playing Anna Scott. This is where I got the idea of brownies. I like watching movies during Corona. Stay safe and have a nice weekend.