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Dog or cat person?

Dogs have always been part of my life and I love them a lot. Sometimes I get the question what I think about cats. This is a sensitive question, and I must admit that I am more of a dog person. I try to understand cats, but they are so independent and they seldom want to play, I cannot go for a walk with them. Or run. I don’t understand why. I have given up understanding cats. But at least I have tried, and it was not mutual.

The Corona virus hampers life. I put myself in quarantine in the evenings. Sometimes I go for a walk though. I watch some movies and talkshows. Graham Norton shows are entertaining and they keep me company.

Monday and work

Labour day. No vacation. It is chilly, dark and there are definitely signs of autumn. I will not write so often now, but I will write as soon as I have time. Corona has changed life and routines a lot. I think of distancing and I wash my hands. This evening I had a little walk. Saw a few dogs and I miss sweetie and cutie. But I know they are safe.

Read about Navalny and he is in better condition. He is no longer in coma. Story to be continued. Stay safe!

Waiting for inspiration

Yes, I try to keep my writing up and going, and I really hope that I can start to write my next book. I got so attached to the characters in the book so I guess I needed a break from them. It demands quite a lot of energy and focus so therefore I am doing some training. That helps me to stay at a certain energy level. Spinning today. With music of course. Ended this day by making apple pie.

I liked the song “Imagine”. In fact, my own imagination got started and I thought of when I have travelled. Alone, but I have always been lucky to meet open minded people who also loves to travel. I have a special memory of the Petrona Towers in Malaysia when David Guetta was played in open air. It was warm and humid. The day after I listened to a classical concert in the same towers. Unique music tower area. A little like this. Astrid is interpreting David Guettas “When love takes over”. Again, beautiful piano music in open air.


The virus unites the world. It is global which is part of the definition of a pandemic. In the beginning I did not hear much from India, but today news reported that the Corona virus is very active in Asia. I went for a little walk just to run a few necessary errands. It is like usual. People are rather close again. I carried my face mask with me just in case. By the way, I do not understand why there is so much talk about face masks. I definitely know that it is not 100% protective, but it is a reminder of distancing. It is not about performing surgery. Maybe it is better with those masks that are handmade with various material and colours. It becomes less “charged” – less emotional.

During this hemester I have spent some time writing. To keep my writing up and going. I like music, and of course I share when I find something. This evening I share “Imagine”. My French favourite musician David Guetta is singing for a few seconds. I like the piano.



The Guardian

Right now, to the best of my knowledge, the Guardian is the only newspaper reporting on the Navalny affair. I am very interested in following his recovery because this is where reality meets fiction, and not the least international relations. Russian medical books are not similar to German medical books. This is with no doubt clear. Navalny’s condition might have been caused by dieting, excessive drinking, stress, fatigue, or a “simple lack of breakfast” the Russian doctors explained. The German doctors had a different view.

from the Guardian describes Russia as a normal country, with ambassadors, a parliament and a seat at the United Nations with participation in international forums. The poisoning of Alexei Navalny was simply business for the Russian state. After Angela Merkel’s statement, NATO has reacted. NATO’s secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg said that Russia must answer ‘serious questions’ on Alexei Navalny novichok poisoning.

The Corona virus is still present, and we have to live with this for maybe a year. The pharmaceutical companies have to find a good vaccin candidate before introduction to clinical practice. People have to feel safe. Meanwhile we continue with distancing and careful hand washing. Watch movies is something you can do at home. My favourite movie Bond has been postponed due to the Corona virus. Til November it is said.