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Jokes and amusement

What I wrote about yesterday is highly serious. It is a true Bond. And in addition, Navalny looks a little like James Bond. I am following the news and I haven’t heard anything about him today. Even though the WWII took place and ended decades ago, I think that the feelings still are present.

When the Corona virus outbreak started elderly people who have survived WWII started to remember those times. “Who can I trust?”. “This is dangerous”. “I need to defend myself and prepare for the worst”. The shelves in the grocery stores got empty. The streets got totally empty. However, now we have adjusted some. The situation is more stable.

To cope with serious settings like this I need to smile. Charlie Chaplin did what he could during the WWII. Humor is something very individual and personal. What I consider fun may be completely the opposite for another person. It is a delicate balance.

Now when I follow Navalny, I thought of big power nations such as Germany 🇩🇪, Russia 🇷🇺 and the UK 🇬🇧. John Cleese in Fawlty towers illustrates our world history in a more or less sensitive way – “You have absolutely no sense of humor”.


I follow the Navalny affair and he is in coma. He was poisoned by the cholinesterase inhibitor novichok, a chemical substance often used during the Soviet era. This was demonstrated by German doctors, and hours ago Chancellor Angela Merkel made a clear political statement adressed to the EU, NATO and not the least the Russian government. It is interesting to note that this nerve agent was used to poison the former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Britain two years ago (The Guardian). What is the Russian message? It will be interesting to follow the political development, especially from UK prime minister Boris Johnson.

I continue with my exercise and I get tired, so I am happy to have vacation at home. I do not know why, but German techno is often played during this tough spinning. Or maybe I paid attention to it today since I thought of Navalny´s medical treatment in Germany.

I am ending this day with a scene from the movie “The Lion King”.

Corona safety

Mini blogging today. I have been for a Corona walk in sunshine. It is just between summer and autumn now. I am resting today and longing for training tomorrow, Friday and Sunday. Spinning and strength. I would like to get back to that condition I had before Corona. But to get into good shape you also need rest.

It was fun with Lady and Molly. Lady has never had any puppies, and now she thinks that Molly is her puppy. Molly is soon 1.5 years old and still very interesting in learning from Lady. She is fun because she learnt me how to make selfies. Molly likes having her photo, and it is true, she is very photogenic. Lady has never been that way. No selfies. Dogs are different. Sweetie and cutie.


It was nice to see Molly and Lady this weekend. Mini walks. Times are different now due to the Corona virus. We are preparing for the coming viral autumn. I searched for flowers but there is not much left. Still green though. Found some apples and I will make a pie sometime this week. Read some cartoons as I usually do and found this. Dogs like photos!


I have shared music. It is well known that music affects our brains, and not the least our mood. It has been demonstrated by eg functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) that musicians have altered activity in various brain regions connected to their playing and/or when composing music etc. For an introduction please see for example: fMRI (nature)-comprimised

Music can put us into different moods. It helps me with exercise for example. I perform the little extra. This weekend is dog walking. No music. I need to pay attention to every move Lady and Molly make. I brought my camera and was going to find flowers, but I have to realise that the autumn is here. Fields are being harvested. As usual, I browsed the internet to find music. This is a nice interview where Madonna talks Lady Gaga and other dog names.