I really like to make my own bread, cinnamon rolls, cakes, cookies etc. It is a hobby. I know the ingredients, I do not follow the recipes to 100% since it is a way to allow creativity to inspire. Good for your health. That is for sure.

I have had a lazy day today. Walk with my sweetie. We passed by the church to lit a candle. I was going to have mother to church tomorrow since it is advent, but there is no church service. I like the December songs a lot. Listened to beautiful “Douce nuit” today.

These days I read about confucianism, hinduism and buddhism. Just to broaden my views.  To have knowledge about various religions is a way of showing respect, I think. I have become very interested in something called “Puja”. I don´t know why, but it is a beautiful religious ritual. So, I just had a calm day today.

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