Bios. Life. A very beautiful word. I you ask a swede what “bio” is, I guess the answer is cinema. In Norwegian “bio” is kino.

Autumn is approaching and I suppose that is why news papers advertise a lot of films. I don’t remember the last time I watched a movie, probably on TV.  But since autumn is getting closer there will be a lot of opportunities. It is nice to disappear into another world for a moment when you watch a film. Action, thrillers, love…

This autumn’s film menu offer a grand variety.

Bio-availibility is something completely different. It was the first word I learnt at pharmacy school. It means how much of the active substance reaches the blood circulation after it is administered. When you take a drug orally, all active substance doesn’t reach the blood. Some may not be taken up by the gut wall, some is metabolized by enzymes. And of course, the liver may metabolize a lot by its different enzymes.

I miss this a lot in today’s discussions about drug efficacy, safety and potency.

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