Biological responsibility

I am really concerned that I didn´t get much response on my previous writing. That makes me feel bad.

However, I will continue to write on this subject, and hopefully, I will get some discussion. Tonight Swedish news talked about stem cell research. The researcher who presented was very eager about hen research. I got really upset. I am very worried about the fast development in this field. I am worried because the progress is to fast. I am sure that in 10 generations people will regret about this research moving on too quickly.

I remember I saw, I think it was 12, something, years ago, Parkinson patients received a stem cell transplant with a not so happy ending. I really would like research to progress and I know there are several pharmaceutical companies competing about developing new drugs. You have to be in the frontline to be successful. But, I really would like to underline; that playing with human genome is something that needs very slow elaboration. Because you may do something that generations will regret later.

Maybe that is similar with Eve tasting the forbidden fruit.

Again, impulse controlling functions are important.

What about me? Saving my fertility. First of all, my situation is rather unique. I have had two depressions, and I havn´t been lucky enough to meet the right man. A man who is ready for responsibility. I feel very sad for that. Secondly, you might find me picky. Maybe that is true, but I would like to have my heart to be part of finding love. I am sure, if my heart is not with me on this journey, I will sooner or later divorce. And it is well known that children are not happy when parents divorce. My parents have been married for 40 years. I am very glad that may parents still are together.

Money cannot buy happiness, remember that.


Des bissous et bon nuit,







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