Brexit is brexit

Today has been a beautiful day. This morning was extraordinary. Calm, water had a very soft look. Tempting to have a bath. People running. Walking. Birds. A city waking up for a new day. Walk is very good. Maybe one of the best kinds of exercise you can have. I thought a lot about Brexit this morning. That can be interpreted in many ways. I am trying to get some help to connect my instagram photos with this site. So, please hold on.

I am prepared for a lot of walking in London. Hope I will find something. But, most of all I will just get a feeling for London. There are so many monuments etc that are so beautiful. I like the sense of history. England has a lot of history. I don’t know why, but the battle of Hastings is something I remember from school.

Ok, I just wanted to write a little something to share from this morning. These kinds of mornings are rare and I will keep it as a memory.


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