Religion will always, I think, be a very interesting subject. Why? There may be many answers, and that is why it is interesting. According to me, after some life experience; that is your way of living your life, and also, perhaps, most importantly, how you treat people you are surrounded by. And also the opposite, and not least, how people treat you. Today’s   society is turning colder and colder, literally speaking. Probably because the resources on the earth are limited.

When I went to Indochine I was very curious about Buddhism, and, I am very happy – I have learnt a lot. When I was in Hanoi I did not only visit the Ho Chi Minh complex, I went on an organized city tour since it was difficult to go by yourself. Cars and motorbikes everywhere. To go to a pagoda you have to wear a long skirt and also to take off your shoes to enter holy ground. Shoulders must also be covered with clothes.

We went to the Tran Quoc pagoda, a Buddhist relic and national heritage lying on the West Lake in Hanoi. There are two lakes to the west of Hanoi. It was very beautiful (se photos below). The monks were totally dedicated to their assignment. To worship Buddha you offer e.g. flowers, fruit and sometimes money. This brick-built pagoda is considered to be Vietnam´s oldest pagoda, built in the 6th century AD.

It should, however, be noted that there are also other religions in Vietnam but Buddhism. The three most prominent strands in Vietnam’s religious tradition are Buddhism, Taoism and Confusianism. In the mountains, people don’t believe in anything, or, they have their own religion, often connected to the mountains. To conclude, buddhism was always very present in every day life during my voyage. In a very friendly and pleasant way.

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