Watched the news after exercise yesterday. Swedish economy doesn´t seem to be promising. Social democrats predicts increased unemployment, that is the biggest threat to a good economy. A bit of a surprise, that unemployment increases since the social democrats are responsible now.

I feel disappointed that the Swedish government has decided to drop support for pension savings. We all know that the average age of the population increases. And it also sends signals that people should spend and not save money. Where is the balance?

That made me think of my personal economy. I always have a budget that I try to follow. Not always that easy with all temptations you are exposed to. My micro economy. I think it is called debit and credit. The budget should in balance.

So, I try to make a budget for various costs like this:



CSN (to pay for my studies):


Clothes, makeup etc:

Travel costs:

Telephone & internet:





Sports & other interests:


This is good. That gives you an overview of you actual costs. It might not be so fun, but at the end, it is very good.

To put things together is difficult and definitely a challenge. I have talked a lot about functional nicotinic acetylcholine auto receptors.This concept should be patented (Larsson et al 2002). However, since I have decided to work with theoretical pharmacology I see this as a “give away”.

I previously tried to put this concept into a broader concept. That is one of the challenges in research. To put an interesting result into a bigger picture. Therefore, I suggested, or rather asked myself, if there are (functional) auto receptor within economics.

To give an example. Unemployment figures are high in Sweden now. This is complex economics because; it affects society in general a lot.

– Economical support from government (leads to bad governmental finances)

– Psycho-social effects that are more or less difficult to measure (human suffering)

– Increased costs for health care (government)

– Not good for companies since a healthy company hire people et cetera, et cetera (private sector)

I could continue for hours, but what I would like to pinpoint is that this could be regulated by “economical functional auto receptors”, eg by Riksbanken in Sweden, political employment decisions, and not least by motivation. However these auto receptors need to be defined. This is a challenge.


Have a nice day!




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