Busy life

No surprise that time passes by rapidly. Already Wednesday. I am still learning how to use the camera. I like it. It is creative in a way. Modify colours. Learning about pixels. Etc. The photo above is from October.

My parents have been visiting my auntie, so my sweeties had to stay at a place where they were taken care of. Last weekend I went to pick my sweeties up and they were very happy to see me.  Tippa had a little cough due to so called “Kennelsjuka”. Maybe. Or she just missed me. She is ok now. Then we went to Arlanda Airport to see my parents. They had had a great time. Very warm, and a big change to country side weather. However, no snow now.

Readers, you know that I have started to run again. My knees are fine! It is the sense of liberty I like when I run. I like to measure to see changes, so I follow my pulse. I have a pulse of 160-170 when training, and I try to run for more than an hour since the metabolism increases over time. If I remember correctly, there was once a “fight” between Sweden and Norway in cross country skiing. How could Norway become better than Sweden? The trainer put the whole Norwegian team on strict exercise. They started to measure results seriously. They saw changes in a positive direction. Hard work generated results. Bjørn Dæhlie was one of the skiers in the team. This is many years ago.

I also went cross country skiing in school when I grew up in the countryside. There were competitions every year. That was fun, I remember.

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