Stockholm is in a way beautiful today even though the weather is so so. I suppose I have got used to the thought of this dark period ahead. But December gives hope. I like the candles and I have already started to think of decoration.

I am very keen on keeping my body in good shape. As you know I have run a lot this autumn and I did that for a change from ordinary training. Now, unfortunately, it is too dark to run. So I am back to traditional work out. Of course I have noticed a difference that I use other muscles when I run and other muscles when work out. Yesterday I kept my pulse high during more than two hours. Today I am focusing more on strength since I need more muscles.

My biggest challenge is to reduce candy. My treat in life. I am going to try to have fruit instead of candy. Small steps make big change. Exchanging a reward with another reward that is healthier.

Yes, as you understand I am focusing a lot on well being. Being in good shape means having a body and mind in harmony.

Have a nice evening!


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