Today I have changed from running to ordinary exercise. Normally I am rather tired in the mornings, but I have tried to change that. Work out early in the morning gives a lot of energy. Since I am not used to this kind of exercise I actually have muscle pain right now. Not much, but a little. My biggest load in life, as usual, is candy. And coffee. But somehow, I feel I need to reward myself with something. I love sport. Cannot live without sport. That is a big reward.

I have had a break from writing. I wrote a lot when I was on vacation. This weekend I will start with a new writing project, I think. I liked my characters a lot. A lot. I will have to find, make up, a new story. I am surprised that I could make up a story out of nothing. Now I feel a bit empty of ideas so I really hope inspiration will find me again. No ideas no book 🙁



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