Cold and dark evening…

Yes. That is true. It is autumn. I almost thought that it was going to get minus degrees today, but it started to rain instead. Ok, enough about weather. What is happening in my life? I feel a little empty to be honest. I will never be ready with writing of my book, but finally I have submitted. I had to let it go out of my hands.

I feel empty and I have put years of work and thoughts into it. At the end I have struggled with Swedish language. I found an old dictionary that I had and I used it a lot. Old words. Words that I have forgotten. But should I use them if they are not used today? However, I don´t like when words are forgotten. A language loses its diversity.

Right now reading magazines are fine. To follow the trends this autumn. Then, my project will be to read a book with good Swedish. And with a good story. I will read from a different perspective now. I am also thinking of sport. I miss running. It has been so beautiful out doors but I have to continue with an indoor activity. Still thinking about trying tennis.

Ok. Small thoughts about my daily life.




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