Music is one of the best things in the world, I think. Music unites. This week David Bowie passed away. I have some music of him that I sometimes listen to. Some of his songs are just great. My favorite song is “Heroes”. I don´t know why, but it gives a lot of energy.

You know that I went to Cuba a few years ago. I don´t know much Spanish. I cannot speak Spanish, just know a few words. But I understand quite a lot. I ended up almost a week at a beautiful Island where I made a lot of friends. Cuban friends. We couldn´t speak but one thing that united was ABBA. So we made a lot of jokes because ABBA was the only thing that we could mutually understand. Me grown up in Sweden. They grown up in Cuba. So ABBA was a very good way to understand each other.

I also learnt that becoming a musician was the finest profession that you could ever have in Cuba. I fancy that a lot. Even better than medical school.

Today winter is beautiful in Stockholm. I just made some fish for meal. I have followed the news, and I feel a bit embarrassed of Swedish politics. I think there must be some change. Maybe that you have, at least, a university degree to represent the Parliament. I feel ashamed.

This is the time of the year when it is good to go to cinema. It is cold and it is dark. When I studied in Uppsala I went rather often to movie. This cinema was my favorite. Close to Norrlands Nation by Fyrisån. Remember I saw Pulp Fiction there. Great memory!




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