December campaigne :-)

Yes. December campaign is definitely needed. Sweden has been caught by a storm. Trains are cancelled. Roads have been closed due to fallen trees. This happens sometimes so it is normal. It is fascinated that weather is such a strong force and has big impact on humans. Since there is so little sun during this time of the year I have some extra vitamins.

So, it is challenging with December campaign, but it makes good. Did you know that when you smile you activate certain areas in the brain that make you happy? If you smile, and actively think of smiling, you can feel that you are happier. Or what do you think?

Yesterday I had a cosy Friday evening at home alone watching the final program of Swedish Idol. I think Idol is common in a lot of countries so a lot of people know what it is.  Nice music. I like music a lot. Makes me feel good.

Ok, a lot of talk about December campaign, but don´t you agree that a smile cheers you up 😉



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