December entrance

Today is a very unique day in Sweden. Första advent. Again, since I am grown up in the countryside, traditions will never disappear. This is the beginning of December, a busy month when everything needs to be prepared for holidays. I am staying at home today with choir music and also some “Konge røkelse” from Norway. This is the last I have from the røkelse so I have to find some more. We always sold that at the pharmacy during December.

I searched the internet because I wanted to share one of the songs by Håkan Hagegård. However, I could´t find, but if you you would like to listen to a carol, “Nu tändas tusen juleljus” is very suitable today. You can find it on Itunes. The first of four candles is lit today. Next Sunday candle number two will be lit.

Snow is falling from the sky in Stockholm today. It is a very cosy “Första advent”. Advent is a very beautiful word. It means “to wait”. Väntan in Swedish.

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