Hi again, could´t stop me from writing again. I previously wrote that it is soon 10 years ago since I defended. I am very grateful for these years. I was driven by my interest for the brain. I have been in contact with my mentor Professor Jörgen Engel and I hope we will meet. He is still busy with research within drug dependence. Addiction.

Addiction is a field that includes a lot. For example, new pharmacological tools still need to be developed. In addition, we already have a lot of knowledge that need to be put into practice. For example, in Sweden the availability of alcohol is strictly regulated. This is good according to me. There are so many clear cut examples showing eg enlarged opening hours for alcohol availability increases violence.

However, since life is not right or wrong, people have learnt how to profit from conflicts. By this I mean that selling alcohol is a conflict. We have the knowledge that alcohol leads to increased accidents. But also, the knowledge that alcohol may serve as a social lubricant. Again, and to conclude; balance is crucial. To regulate and not to regulate. To have “fingerspitzengefühl”. Or intuition.

What would life be without music?


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