Democracy and Freedom

I guess nobody has missed that there has been an election in the US. When I think of America, I think of the land of freedom. The land of hope. There are so many people who have moved to America to find change in their lives. Positive changes. To fulfill dreams. Dreams that are never possible in their own home countries. In the 19th century, a lot of Swedes crossed the Atlantic Ocean due to poor living conditions in Sweden. Starvation. If I remember right, Minnesota is a town filled with a lot of American Swedes.

Tonight I had hamburger for dinner. Home made. Watching CNN news, and there are a lot of reactions all over the world. What the newspapers in Sweden have been worried about is instability. However, when I watch the news, leaders from different countries give very balanced comments on the election. And not to forget, the congress will balance Trump.

America has a very interesting history. Columbus discovery in 15th century, or who was it? However, the Indians already lived in America. What I think is interesting is how the aspects of democracy have developed over centuries. That you have a president that cannot be elected more than eight years. There are presidents like Nixon that had to step down. And now, for the very first time America has had a black president for eight years. A black president in the White House. The Obama family. I think that has been very good. For stability. Black is White. White is Black. However, what is not really developed in the world is that you can be white but considered as black, so there are challenges to work on. Difficult challenges at a high intellectual level.

Today has been chaos in Stockholm. The very first snow is here. A lot of snow. And as usual, there is instability in the infrastructure. It happens every year. No buses. No taxis. People cannot go to work. People cannot go home from work.

Early evening tonight. Exercise tomorrow morning.

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