I am on a strict diet. I have actually never been on a diet like this, so this is completely new for me. I have always done some form of exercise to stay in good shape.

I do not know. But there is something with the food I buy. I get very dizzy.

I believe all humans need some kind of reward. I usually reward myself with some sweets. Right now, I find it very difficult not having any reward at all. I have to learn my brain not to be so found of sweets. And I have to find new rewards. That is why I love photos. Sweet Lady and Tippa. For example.

Alcohol interferes with brain reward systems in a very complex way. And what is important for us women is to really be aware of that Alcohol eg increases the risk of breast cancer. It also reduces the responsiveness of your immune system. But maybe most important, regular alcohol intake can lead to dependence.

I am really scared that it is not mentioned in the debate today that when youngsters are exposed to a drug, the risk of being more sensitive to another drug increases dramatically. So, for society in general, it is very dangerous to have a drug liberal politic. Politicians believe that they know what is right without having a solid ground.

I don´t know how many times I need to repeat that politicians need to learn biology. Maybe I need to learn more politics 😉

I will soon write more about brain reward systems. I am just not ready yet.


Je t’embrasse,


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