Different shine

There is change going on in the air. Allergy season is beginning. Evenings are brighter. Easter is over and it is time to look forward. I have been off writing a few days since I have spent time in the countryside. I am focusing a lot on exercise so I have run and done some walking. It is rather difficult, challenging, to have a life in balance. To have sweets and counterbalance with work out. Weather has been rather bad; rain and wind. Those days are challenging. Just to put the shoes on, not think and just start to run. To think of nothing.

It is a great reward to run. I often get a chance to catch a glimpse of animals in the forest. Lots of deers. Last run I actually counted to a total of nine deers. Not bad. Furthermore, it clears my mind and it is wonderful to get fresh air. Now my feet hurts so I have to be careful.

Please enjoy my first flower signs of winter changing to spring.


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