Early December morning

Hi! Soon middle of December. There is still no snow in Stockholm, so I do not have the right Christmas ambience. Time passes so quickly. And so do life. Time is life or life is time?

What am I up to these days? I caught a cold, so I have to be careful with exercise. I have had my driving licence renewed so I have to pick it up today. 10 years since last time. Yes, I have changed some. I had a French page hair cut at that time. Maybe I will show you my new photo.

As usual, I follow the news. There will be a reelection for Swedish government in March. The budget wasn´t approved. I believe this political, more or less, political mess, is due to to many political parties. If you don´t have majority in “the congress (riksdagen)”, it is not so easy to have the budget approved. Not so good for Sweden since it costs a lot of money to have a re-election. I am frightened the taxes will be raised, and to conclude, that will not generate new jobs. That will lead to more unemployment which is the biggest threat to a healthy country.

Ok, I am boring writing about politics. But since it concerns daily life, I consider it important. My focus right now is writing my book. It takes time for the book to mature. I also dream about becoming a mother one day. To face life. Female instinct.

Je t’embrasse,



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