East meet West

I am addicted to training. Cycling done. Interval exercise and also some focus on core. So, I am back to writing. Below are some photos from the East side of Berlin. Some reminder of what was built in 1961. A symbolic division of Germany. After the wall fell (1989), it has taken a lot of time to slowly reunite the city to grow together. There was some sunshine that day by the river, and I could breath history. American, British, French, German, Russian and other nationalities living in different sectors in Berlin. Families were separated, needing visum to meet. Maybe a reflection of the end of the second world war.

The kiss on the photo below is very famous. I remember when I saw the news when I grew up that it was the way leaders greeted each other from different countries. A memory that I had completely forgotten.

There were people from all over the world watching these memories. And I got help with photos!

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