Election time – the battle of Sergels torg

Hi there my friends. Sunday. Lovely to wake up to a new day. I like to spend time at home. There is a Swedish word “pyssla”. Don´t know the English translation.

In less than a month there is election in Sweden. You vote at three different levels. I am more or less grown up with politics. My parents have always shown interest in what concerns our society. Of course you are influenced by your parents but I have read a lot about different parties and their values. I remember watching Palme and Adelsohn having debate on TV when I was only a few years old. My father asked me about my opinon who to vote for.

There are eight different political parties in Sweden, so you understand it may be rather messy. Sometimes. I was involved in politics at high school in Sala. Remember my teacher in history, Kullberg, warning me for crowds with demonstrations. I also remember that an important issue was to show that it is important to vote. Whatever you vote for. There are people in the world still fighting for free elections. That is democracy.

My thoughts have been close to Sala during the big fire. I have though about my time at highschool. And my highschool friends. Like in the USA you get a hat when you graduate (student in Swedish, russ in Norwegian). There are many traditions connected to the weeks before graduations. One of them is to collect signatures and greetings. So I had to have a look now when I have thought so much about Västmanland and Sala. Please see the picture above.

Since there is election in Sweden in a few weeks I follow the news closely. It is rather fun to watch that there is a huge interest in politics among high school students, and older. Right now they are “fighting” about Sergels torg. A famous plaza in Stockholm. It is good, because the glimpse in the eye is there 😉

Have a niçe Sunday!



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