Earth hour. One hour. Even thought it is soon April in Sweden it is still rather dark. Tonight there is time change. Summer time.

I honestly feel happy. Light.

There is something rare and unique about Nordic-Scandinavian climate. The contrast. The darkness contra brightness. Darkness in the north part of Sweden wintertime versus total light in summertime. Strange miracle.

Something typical Swedish is that you cannot show that you are happy. I easily get happy for something simple like good weather. Emeticons like 🙂 are ok. But not in real life. If you show happiness you are screwed. Twice, at least. I do not how this can be changed and I do not understand this. I always feel good if I something good happens and I honestly admit that I almost never feel jealous. If , I get a slight feeling I easily manage that. I really don´t know how. Maybe, I hide, push away that feeling because I don´t like it.  And I think of it a home instead. Jealousy is ugly.

How to manage feelings is really concerning life. Personal development. How to lead yourself (might sound strange) is a challenge. To choose right path in life. Left or right side driving?

Biology is not fair. The laws of biology are sometimes cruel like different incurable diseases. Biology is also very beautiful. I think I tried to catch the beauty of nature in the poem I wrote. A feeling I had.

To be honest I feel very embarrassed to write poems in public because they are so private. I write so nobody will understand but me. However, I have learnt myself not to be embarrassed. I try my very best. To leave comfort zones.

Tranströmer, a very famous poet passed away this week. I feel sad about that. But his poems are vivid and will always be. Poetry is so beautiful. Can make me shed a tear. Or two.

My very best to you.


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