Is it ethical to change history?

It seems like I will never get rid of my previous boyfriends and friends actions.  I do not know what I can do about it. As I have written previously, I have tried to live my life as ethical as possible. Unfortunately, I am too naive sometimes. And too faithful. I should underline that I am a nun today.

I am not gay. I do not have anything against homosexuality. As I have written before, it is very important to have a biological variance. That is, it is good to have a large biological variety. For mankind.

You should not force nature, but rather, try to follow the laws of nature and live in harmony.

Last night. I faced and realized evil. How someone wish my life to fade away. I got afraid. It has still not reached my consciousness. I do not know if I can handle that feeling. I rarely get afraid. Personal development. How to handle evil. Should you hit back? Is that a good solution?

Blame. If people could take personal responsibility over their actions, the world would become better. In psychology, projection, is an explanation over certain behavior. To further explain, if you get angry over something you know you have caused yourself, you blame somebody else. To find a peaceful solution is to reflect over your actions. Ethical responsibility.

I like the photo a lot I published yesterday. For me it represents freedom. It is also the name of my mother. Elsa. She has been rather strict in raising me and my brother, but she has always taken good care of us. Even though her memory is not the best to date, she always talks about my brother. Since I have had it easier at school, she cares more about my brother since he is more vulnerable. Every family has their own privacy and I would like to keep it that way.

Somehow, it is a special day today. I follow the news about what’s happening in Russia-Krim. I hope people will not be harmed and that politicians talk instead of using weapons. Good leadership, according to me, is to talk, and talk, and talk. If leaders don’t dare to say what they wish then evil has gained ground. I fight evil.


Je t’embrasse,




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