Every day is unique

It is really nice to have a diary. Since I write directly on the internet I don’t have to think about hiding my writing. I have had trubble with someone breaking into my apartment. Not so nice. But I know that I am not alone of this so that comforts me. It scares me that our community is turning into an unsafe world. What are the signals for future generations?

Violence generates violence.

My philosophy is to have my own gard and if somebody is not nice to me then I have to do something about the situation. I think a lot of people have seen what’s happening in the USA. Media plays an important role in augmenting dangerous situations.

What makes me a bit fuzzy is that some people seek conflicts instead of thinking of how to make something good out of a situations. There will always be conflicts between people. That is for sure. But since we have this knowledge, we also have a possibility to avoid conflicts and make good solutions.

Mostly, from my point of view, is to use your brain. Yes, everybody has a brain. Again, I would like to mention Professor Arvid Carlsson talking about the reptile brain. The brain has developed throughout ages. I said it before, I believe the impulse controlling systems in the brain are very important. They help you to manage your fear, anger etc. However, when you meet somebody who do not have their feelings under control then it gets complicated.

I need to elaborate on this but this is extremely important if you would like to stay in balance with your feelings and importantly your relations.

Personally, I am at a time point in my life where I have to look after myself. I have been hurt by so many people. So I am very careful. I think everybody who has been hurt also knows how difficult it is to face similar situations. That is to get out of your comfort zone.

I am grown up in the countryside. I have always known that I have been adopted and later, I learnt a little about my “indian” background. But the life I know is only the country side. Please, try to understand that.

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