I get so sad when the internet is not working properly. There seem to be some people finding it entertaining to disturb. So since internet did not work this afternoon I read an article about Lappish people in Dagens Nyheter. I get very sad and upset when I read about it because I have suffered a lot due to my Lappish background. The justice do not work in Sweden so I have suffered a lot. A lot. However, this article made me smile.

The article was about a fight between Lappish people and the Swedish government. It was about the rights to fishing and hunting. This was finally, after many years,  judged in favor to Lappish people, and it was also very good for so called “urinvånare” all over the world.

Tonight I went for training that I like a lot. I need to start to keep a strict diet. My policy is however if I go training I can have candy. When I need motivation I sometimes think of an animal and tonight I thought of horses. Strong, running horses. It is fun, you should try it!


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