I have continued my training with new focus. It feels good. I have now two months to prepare for Women´s health running. I have been a bit reluctant for out doors training but since there was no snow last weekend I tried and that made me remember. This weekend was cold. Some ice on the roads, but I put on some more clothes. I cannot have my sweetie with me when I run so I take her for walk afterwards. She loves this walk. I wonder what it is like being a dog. The world must be different since they have an extra dimension by the nose. She knows my tracks even if I am not at the same place. Funny.

Since this running is more (21 km) than last time (Hässelbyloppet), I think I have to try two laps next time. Just to try how it feels. Nature is beautiful now. No blueberries as you can see on the photo above. They are recovering and waiting for better time. The animals in the forest are hiding. Saw a deer and traces of rabbits.

To conclude, it feels very good to have spent time outdoors even thought it is very cold. Watched Kalla and Kallur on TV performing good skiing and running.



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