Today is a week til start of Marathon. It has been a challenge to actually be able to have time for exercise. Because it takes time. A lot of time to run. And my feet have been wounded and it takes time to heel. Ok. That is reality. Important to face true facts. It hurts a bit to know that I might not be able to fulfill the whole Marathon, but it is better to go to start and make a try than to cancel. I will not give up. It is, right now, for me, a sort of mental training. To run not slow and not fast.

It also depends a lot of what kind of day it is. From weather forecast SMHI, it seems like it is going to be sunny. So, today I will start to go for a walk, and then feel how my body feels like today. What shape I am into.

Tomorrow is mother´s day. She will have a strawberry cake. My mother suffers from a memory disease called Alzheimers disease. It affects my family a lot, but I am very happy that she can live at home. Memory diseases are maybe difficult to understand from people not knowing much about the disease. Short term memory is heavily affected whereas long term memory is still there. So, I think weather will be fine tomorrow and she will enjoy a fresh, homemade, strawberry cake.

Ok, now I am off for training. Wish me good luck!


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