Expression of emotions

Tonight Stockholm is a little weird since a truck hit people on one of the shopping avenues. The subway was closed. Restaurants in central Stockholm were closed. Shocked people everywhere.  It seems like the new wave of terror attacks is to steal a truck or a car and than run over people. Unpredictable and gruesome. Nice, Berlin, London, and now Stockholm.

I wasn´t going to write tonight because sometimes it is difficult to find right words for emotions. They may be misinterpreted. However, it made me think of some texts I found when I travelled. I read quite a lot. At very rare occasions I find writing that I fancy a lot. A way to put words together which makes the text give you a special emotion. When writing becomes poetry.

The first text is simply a definition. A definition of “Apathy” I found in a newspaper by serendipity. It could have been any word but I liked the way how the word was explained. The world would become much better if there were no misinterpretations. Like there are many expressions within eg economics I don´t understand. Such as declaring taxes. I need clear definitions to avoid misunderstandings.

The other text is about love. Love is something very individual and can be very difficult to understand. And maybe it cannot be explained just because that is love. Emotions.  I like this sentence “…a visual bond between Love and Fashion” perhaps because fashion is a way of expressing unexplainable emotions.

This Friday night has been difficult to put words on. A sort of force majeure.

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