Family life

Today is Sathurday and I am visiting my parents. And my sweeties. It is cold outside so it is just to put on some warm clothes and a smile. It is very windy, maybe a reflection from Hurricane Matthew in Florida. Thinking about family in Florida so we had hamburgers for lunch today. Soon I will make some fresh cinnamon rolls.

I went for a walk with sweetie today and she is ok now. Her paw has healed and she, and also me, are very happy. Tippa prefers to stay at home. She has problems with her hearing but it seems like she doesn´t care. She is happy anyway and she barks if there is something wrong.

It strikes me how seasons change so rapidly. I miss July. Now it is just to get used to the thought of autumn and winter. Good to have photos to remember. I searched for a photo moment in the garden to catch autumn. It ended up by this photo below with apples. We have planted some new trees and this one is not old at all. It is astonishing how it can carry these two big apples!

I am a bit sad because we have to cut down some old trees in the garden. It is like cutting time. They are maybe a century old. However, it is just to accept and make sure there will be new trees planted.

I am sharing a photo from today´s exercise. Walk. I am rather good at balancing exercise with bad habits so soon I am off for the kitchen. Cinnamon rolls.

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