It is rather early. Tea and CNN news. A lot of focus on Trumps first 100 days as a president of United States of America. Must be busy days. Already changes going on in the US. I normally follow CNN and/or BBC news, just because I like to see what is going on in the world. I also watch Vietnam News on the internet. Vietnam is a very interesting country because it is really a growing economy. In Sweden everybody has social security and all health care, whatever, which is provided by the government. But, Vietnam has suffered for so many centuries, so I think Vietnam wants to become like a Western country. And I am sure that will happen, because, everybody is so motivated, and Vietnam people travel all over the world, so it is not an enclosed country. On the contrary, Vietnam is a very open country.

I miss all fresh fruit. When I was in Vietnam and Sri Lanka I never thought of any sweets. Fresh fruit is sacred for me. Like the Jackfruit.  It is good there is fresh fruit because nobody will ever starve.

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