First Lady

I am still a bit overwhelmed by the journey to Berlin. I still think very much about it. And that is good of course. It is not only always just to move on in life. Takes time to let thoughts settle.

Weather was fine this weekend. No rain and I like to enjoy fresh weather. It was a long time ago I ran. I have had troubles with my knee, so therefore I have been cycling a lot. So, I was very keen on testing my knees. And, I was very happy. I could run again. The best part is afterwards. A refreshing, and calm down walk after running with my sweeties. No broken paws. Just joy.

I read the newspaper this morning and there is a lot about the election in the US. Obama has been president for eight years and he cannot be reelected. So, a new american president is going to be voted for. There is very much focus on the candidates and my gut feeling tells me that right now it is 50-50 between them. So everything can happen. However, I think it is more interesting to talk about first Lady right now. What would their role be? First Lady is a very important role. We have seen a lot from Michelle Obama during these years so First Lady role is significant.

It is getting colder. Anyhow, I found apples that I could use for making a cake. My tradition every year. With tea. Makes wintertime feel better.

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