Första advent

Sunday and beginning of December. Första advent. I really don´t know the translation of “första advent”. This is the weekend when you start to light windows and slowly getting ready for celebration of christmas. There are a lot of traditions in December.

It is rainy today. I really, really hope there will be snow soon. I miss a sparkling day with sun and snow. No rain. Maybe I will go for a walk later today. My father will sing in the church today so I will go and listen. Christmas carols.

Read the news and there is not much happening. Cameron talks about EU and Schengen. He is very clear about his conditions about Brittish membership in the EU. This is very good, because it is dangerous when subsidiary principle is not followed. That is, when decisions should be taken as close to people as possible. At the municipality level. Freedom should rule.

So what about myself? I feel fine and I am taking care of myself. I would like to go for a run today but it is so rainy. However, it is good to let the body recover before more training. Rest and just do nothing. Wishing you all the best at this “första advent”.


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