Free word and internet freedom- does it exist in Sweden?

I was actually not going to write tonight. I have been strongly committed and occupied by training. Work out. Since I am single, I focus on training. I have the right to chose my own marriage and way of living. So I stay single. Nobody can force me. I have been hurt so many times so I am very careful.  Most men don´t know how to treat women.

As ususal I follow the news and Sweden is, since I have travelled I have some experience, very comparable to what is called e.g. “planekonomi” and everything included in that meaning. There is no room for new enterprises to enter Swedish trade. You are forced to be as everybody. Free word is not allowed. Free word and freedom of speech is strongly forbidden in Sweden. Cuban and North Corean style has slowly been introduced in Sweden. Or maybe Sweden is leading, showing Cuba and North Corea how to act. A good example. How many children every family should have. How to live etc. Otherwise you are executed.

These are very strong words, but they are needed. I work for freedom. Internet freedom is one way of showing freedom. Freedom should of course be regulated by law. Sometimes law does´t work. Especially with regard to discrimination. I have been very discriminated in my own country where I am grown up. Because I am lappish. Being Lappish is considered to be strange. Urinvånare. Lappskojs. Swedish expression. I will continue to work for free word in my own country. Sweden should learn from America. Tuff life but you can succeed if you would like to. Starting from scratch and building an enterprise etc.

I strongly support “free economics”. Even thought my own economy is strictly regulated, I believe that free economics is a sign of a healthy country. I will elaborate another time how  I define “free economics”. It is very interesting. Maybe it can be something for my future writing. Maybe it is interesting because economics is strongly associated to people. Humans.

Enough of thoughts tonight.


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