To write in French is among the most difficult things I know. I was going to make a try, but it is a challenge even to change language for the computer. Did you know that there is a special language for writing novels in French? Passé simple. I have learnt some. It is interesting to note that it is connected to feelings/emotions. Then you use passé simple. I just sent an e-mail that I would have liked to write in French. Because when you write a letter in France it is very important to write with politeness and in a certain way.

When I was in France, I bought this book. This book gives you advice how to write to authorities, friends etcetera. What I like about this is that the keyword is politeness and respect. I could never find a similar book in Sweden. I think.

My plan for today is to start to write my book and also to study. I have to keep myself updated regarding laws in Pharmacy.

Je vous souhaite une bonne journée!

Je vous embrasse et des bisous,



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