My friends

Yesterday consisted mostly of exercise and to “make a cosy home”. Today is totally dedicated to writing.

I thought a lot about my childhood yesterday. I was very lucky to grow up in the countryside. With my parents, brother and hunting dogs. What concerns me today is that it is difficult to have a life in the countryside in Sweden. Schools, grocery shops etc disappear. Sweden is becoming more urbanized. That is a pity since the countryside is beautiful. Interesting to follow politics if there will be changes.

There were so many things you did as a child. For instance, I have a huge collection of “bokmärken”. You bought these pretty marks (do you know what that is in Norwegian?) and then you traded them between friends. So cute.

I had a book where I kept all my friends. This book was called “Mina vänner”. I interviewed friends and vice versa, and these books are saved at my parents house.

I´ll see if I can find it and I will make an interview with myself.

Wishing you a pleasant and relaxing Sunday!


Je vous embrasse,


PS I spend a lot of time thinking of what my life would have been if I had found the right man. I have wasted many years.

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