From north to south Vietnam

Tomorrow is Friday. To be honest, I feel a little boring still writing about my voyage in Vietnam, but I didn´t have time to write when I was there. After New Year in Ha Long Bay I returned to Hanoi to continue by train to Hue late in the evening. I was actually advised to go by plane since it is safer, but I wanted to see more of Vietnam countryside so that is why I chose train. Drugs are common in Vietnam and I was told that the bus drivers might be on drugs. So no bus to Hue. Hue is an important historical city in Vietnam.

When I got to Hue there was rain. Good to slow down. Just do nothing. I found cafés and nice, Vietnam restaurants. And a Vietnamese shopping mall. Busy streets even though it was rainy. More Vietnam and not so many tourists. I felt safe even though I was alone. I met a Vietnamese family and the children started to talk to me. In perfect English. I was astonished. The family enjoyed their dinner at the restaurant and children played. I was the only foreigner there.

The following day was good. No rain but high humidity. I went for city tour.

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