I am at my parents house in the country side. Good to relax after some work and also to meet my sweeties. This website is in a way to remember. To remember my life. I saw some photos this morning and found this very nice birthday card. When I went to high school in Sala we had some student exchange. I made good friends with Michelle from Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. She stayed a year in Sweden and she  lived with the pharmacist family in Sala. My auntie had, at that time, found her husband in Florida so I knew some about the USA. Michelle and I wrote some letters after she left Sweden, but I wonder how she is today. I feel a bit sorry for losing so many friends.

It is still green outside in the garden. However, I feel autumn approaching. I will go for a “joggingtur” today. Lovely to breath fresh air. There are lots of berries in the forest. No apples this autumn which is rare. So, wishing you a relaxing Sunday.


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