Give me a smile!

Today I learnt an expression that if you smile, the whole world will smile to you. Very nice expression. Persian. I like to learn new things. But this is not easy. To smile, to always wear a happy face. Since my auntie is connected to America I have learnt that the life style over there is more easy going. Maybe it is temperature dependent. Climate related. I don´t know, but I continue with my December campaign. And it is challenging; especially if you get upset over something.

I don´t know why but I get upset that I have to tell people that I have Lappish origin. This is something I maybe have to get used to. I have grown up with two identities: Swedish and Lappish. However, this is very common in Sweden since there are many people with parents from two different countries. Lappish people have been considered as black people for a long time in Swedish history. This is changing now but I got upset when I read that Lappish people are not invited to the climate meeting. Again, some kind of discrimination. I feel sad about this so that is why it is difficult to constantly smile. But I work on it. And I will, whole December.


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