God morning!

Early bird. No walk this morning, instead I think of last weekends walks. Will go for a spinning class this afternoon. A summer tradition in Sweden is “sommarpratare” on the radio. Here, Swedish acters, politicians, writers, entrepreneurs etc have the freedom of speaking of their lives and also to play their favorite music. I have listened to some programs this weekend. Interesting to listen to talkers sharing their life experiences.

It is still very varm in Sweden and the big fire is still not under control. People are working a lot to fight the fire. It is close to Sala where I went to high school. I really hope that lessons are learnt how to prevent a similar future catastrophe. People have been injured and a man has died. Homes where generations have lived have been distroyed. A lot, a lot of forest has disappeared.

Right now I write to you and I also listen to “godmorgon världen”. A radio program reporting on what´s going on in the world. Since I like different cultures, countries it is interesting to learn what happens outside Swedish borders.

This is all for now. Wishing you a relaxing Sunday. Sharing a photo from last weekend. These berries are growing in the wild. Very sweet and tasty.



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