Good Morning, Vietnam

It was a long time ago I saw this movie. Films are a very good way of understanding history. I don´t remember much. Humor is a very important way to survive history. Like Victor Borge. Historical events that are so un-understandable that you can only make jokes about them. Like the awakenings. I thought a lot of Good Morning, Vietnam when I was in HCMC. And that is why I had to go to the Rex Hotel, a popular base for several journalists during the Vietnam War. It was built by French colonial developers and became a focus of the social and military activities of American soldiers. The US military officers gave the daily press briefings “The Five O´clock Follies”.

My humor is academic, I think. And it might be difficult to understand sometimes. But to laugh has helped me throughout life. First, I wasn´t going to the War Remnants museum but I was highly recommended by the hotel where I stayed. I really don´t like to write about it, but a lot of war crimes are committed during war. Among the most disturbing exhibits at the museum are the formaldehyde-filled jars containing foetuses deformed as a result of the chemical defoliants (agent orange) used during the Vietnam war.

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