Green tea with flower buds flavors

I continue to write about my Vietnam voyage, even thought sports is my main focus in life right now. Sports and fashion. To live a healthier life. To change from coffee to tea has improved my life a lot. Lower blood pressure and I have become much calmer. I have actually tried to find some books about the art of making tea. Difficult to find. There are so many different teas and the process of making tea is fascinating. Green tea seems to be the healthiest. I am soon out of ginger tea so I have to start to find it in Stockholm. It is so good. And fresh.

I will now return to Hue and Vietnam. It actually takes a lot of time to prepare the photos. Photography has become a part of my life now. I sometimes feel an urge of finding good photo moments. So, above there are some photos from Hue in Vietnam and the restaurant I mentioned before where the children spoke such good English.

“Hue is the place where dining is not to satisfy human basic needs, but a form of art. Hue’s gastronomy is elegant and , different from other regions’ of Vietnam.”

Hue is, to the best of my knowledge, a very interesting city from a historical point of view. I will soon touch upon the Vietnam war since I will soon write about Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City, HCMC). Today, people don´t talk about the Vietnam war. It is in a way forgotten because the people in Vietnam wants to focus on the future. Today´s generation should not be affected by what happened before.

I went on a city tour in Hue and we saw quite a lot in just a day: Dong Ba Market, Imperial Citadel and various tombs. What I remember most is the river and Heavenly Lady Pagoda, a symbol of Hue, founded in 1601. Religion has, not surprisingly, played an important role in history. There was this story about a munk who actually immolated himself in protest against the Diem regime.

The guide was very proud to show all the tombs built by different Emperors. They were really impressive, and the gardens were so beautiful. It was very peaceful. I was endowed with a lot of harmony.



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