Halloween weekend

It is cold. Suddenly, temperature has dropped several degrees. Leaves are covered by snow. It is just to get into winter mood. I like to be outdoors when it is like this. You just have to find the right clothes that keep you warm.

I went for running this weekend. It is very nice and fresh. To clear your thoughts. Breath fresh air. My knees are fine now. So I am very happy! I just need to be careful. Stretch is important, but I admit, I am not always that careful. Sometimes I like sauna, just to get warm afterwards. Good for the muscles.

I searched for deer and rabbit tracks and found some. Last weekend, when there were leaves on the ground, there were many moose hunters in the wood. This weekend was more exciting since snow was falling. To see tracks. However, I think the animals hide because it was so cold and this sudden change in weather. I am still learning photography, so enjoy some of them above. And on Insta.

This Sathurday I felt like starting to think of December. November is a month in-between. I did not attend any service at church, I just lit some candles on the graveyard. It is very beautiful with all candles. Always important to stop for a moment and reflect. In Sweden we have a lots of traditions in December. I like that a lot. It is very cosy when it is so dark and cold. So, to get into mood, I made some “adventsbullar”. A compromise. I changed cinnamon to saffron. And since I do a lot of exercise I changed to more healthy flour. And raisins. Lots of raisins.

I like kitchening. It makes me feel good. Sharing some photos from my kitchen.

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